revive Massotherapy | Colleen Adkins, LMT, fmt, iastm

deep tissue and relaxation massage, rocktape, cupping and rockblade iastm therapy

Muscles Tight, Sore, and Restricting Your Range of Motion? We can fix that! 

full massage sessions or a la carte sessions for taping, cupping, or rockblades available

call or click above to book appointments from 4:00-8:00pm (M-F) and 9:00am-12:00pm (Sat)

*any appointments not cancelled within 24 hrs will incur a $30 fee

"Southern Park Athletics is proud to announce that we have a fully functional massotherapy office inside our own walls. Colleen is available by appointment for Table and Chair Massage, RockTape, RockBlade IASTM and Cupping. The Cupping method is a widely popular therapy technique used by everyone from your average person to Olympic and Professional Athletes to aid in muscle recovery, trigger point release and increased range of motion."